Let us manage your 2022 office footy tipping competition.
Enter tips by reply email. More convenient than other Internet or web tipping. And its almost FREE!!!


You send tips and award prizes - we do the scoring!
  • no tips on pieces of paper, no special software needed, just email
  • easy to use - save time, save hassle, increase office productivity
  • reminders, tips, scores and results are done by email and reply
  • players do not need any web site login or password - inbuilt email security
  • not all players need an email address - multiple names per email
  • use eFooty score sheets to award weekly or jackpot as well as annual prizes
  • only $1 per person per year (per 10 players) - register for free trial!

For a free trial just send a blank email here You will receive a tipping form to submit, plus further information about eFooty.

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