The Scary Thing About Truth
Adam Joseph

Notes by John L Perkins on Atheist Society lecture given on 11 October 2005
A transcript from Adam Joseph be uploaded when received. Other comments welcome.

Mr Joseph began the talk by talking about his journalistic background. From this he often has inside knowledge that what appeared in the media or was broadcast had little of no basis in fact. He went on to talk about whistleblowers - how those who speak out against authority or orthodoxy are often portrayed as crazy, bitter or twisted. This had been said about Mark Latham, but he now had respect for him. His book was truthful, he said, which was born out by the fact that no-one who had threatened to sue had actually done so. Mr Joseph also mentioned how he had found societies such as the Sceptics and the Humanists unsatisfactory in various ways. After his talk there was a lively discussion, however a large part of it seemed to be side-tracked into a discussion about justice with respect to Aborigines in Australian society.

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