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About Exfax

Exfax Technologies develops communications software and hardware designs offering Internet fax and fax-to-email solutions. The designs include fax switches and modems for connecting any fax machine directly to a PC and fax machine integrated solutions. We supply hardware and software and development tools, as well as end user software supporting the hardware. Exfax also provides an Applications Program Interface for software developers who wish to engineer Exfax compatibility into their software. This API consists of an instruction set for communication of TIFF files between the local fax, the PC, other fax machine and Internet fax.

The company is the holder of various international patents covering modified fax machines, modified fax modems and fax machine enhancement devices. These patents are licensed to hardware manufacturers on a non-exclusive basis. Our special Exfax modem design has been awarded United States Patent No. 5,452,106. Similar patents are pending throughout Europe, Asia and elsewhere. The major benefits of our technology are ease of use and low cost. Our modem solution upgrades any existing fax machine to Internet fax and fax-to-email capability. The user need only dial '*' before the number on the fax machine to select the service. Our integrated fax machine solution provides full V.90 modem facilities as well as multi-function fax features via a standard serial cable connection to the PC. All solutions are supported by our email@fax software

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Information on Exfax patents can be obtained from the IBM patent site:

Modem with internal fax switch:           US Patent No.5,452,106

Dual modem fax machine add-on:      US Patent No. 5,696,600

Fax machine with file transfer:             US Patent No. 5,418,628

and enter U.S. Patent No. 5418628, 5452106 or 5696600.