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The unique modems designed by Exfax Technologies are based on the Rockwell chipset and are provided in both external and internal versions. The modems feature an in-built phone line emulation and interface circuit for connection to a local fax machine. An internal call routing switch, controlled by AT command, provides for connection between PC, fax machine or phone line. Exfax compatible modems have an additional telephone socket (RJ11) on the modem which is specially designed to be connected to a fax machine's normal telephone cable. Faxes are received or switched via the modem. The special modem integrates PC-fax and fax machine communications on a single phone line. The modem enables the transmission of faxes directly between the PC and the fax machine, turning any fax machine into a scanner or printer. The modem also allows the PC to act as an intelligent line switch for both inbound and outbound faxes. Special modem features are available through email@fax software or via Exfax API..

            How it works:
                                            fax to email
                                            Internet fax
                                            normal fax

Information on the Archtek Telecom's  4 Dimension modem (licensed from Exfax) can be obtained at: http://www.archtek.com.tw/5634if.htm