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Exfax's email@fax software manages all communications on the fax telephone line. Numbers dialled on the fax machine are detected as DTMF digits by the software. The  key is used to select internet fax and fax-to-email functions. Using this feature, documents from the fax machine are seamlessly delivered to email addresses. Any number of faxes can be delivered to any number of email addresses for free (using LAN connection) or using one local call (using dialup). For a delivery of a normal fax via the PSTN the fax number is dialled as usual. For an email fax, the user dials an 'email number' (coded in the address book). Normal fax calls are logged by the PC. Email faxes are automatically sent as TIFF file attachments with a standard text message. Most recipients will have the capability to view and print TIFF images received by email. Exfax also provides a free image viewer for this purpose. The TIFF-F image format supported by email@fax (both MH and MR compression) is compatible with the ITU and IETF standard. Delivery from fax machine to fax machine via Internet is also provided in email@fax. On the fax machine, the user dials  country-city-number. In the software the user first selects an Internet fax delivery service. The user must register with the delivery service provider. The software automatically routes the TIFF file to the bureau server for delivery. Other software features provided include multi-platform printer driver support, enabling printing from any application to the local fax machine, or remote fax by PSTN or Internet fax. A complete log record is provided for all incoming and outbound calls from the fax machine.

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Download the free fax image viewer.: View@fax.exe (250 K)
Download the email@fax software: Mail@fax.zip (1566 K)
Note: requires compatible modem to operate correctly.