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The eFaxLink is a PC controlled fax switch and line simulator designed to allow a fax machine and a modem to share the same telephone line. The switch is managed by eFaxLink PC software. It provides three phone line connections: for a modem, a fax machine and a phone line. The switch manages line sharing between the fax machine and the modem on the phone line. It also allows transmission of faxes to and from the PC via the modem.

The eFaxLink hardware is compatible with any modem and any fax machine. The eFaxLink management software is Windows compatible and can work with any communications software. The product is provided in external and internal PC versions.

Used with email@fax software, the eFaxLink provides email fax and Internet fax capabilities, available directly from the fax machine. The eFaxLink and modem converts any fax machine into a low cost Internet ready fax machine. Benefits to the user include cost saving on fax transmissions and the ability to send a fax transmission to an email address destination.

The email@fax software combined with the eFaxLink turns the fax machine into both a scanner and printer. The email-fax feature is provided by DTMF detection (for voice capable modems) of the number dialled on the fax machine, automatic scanning to the PC, conversion to TIFF file format and routing to the destination via the PC. In the case of Internet fax, delivery to a fax machine is via a third party service. The email@fax software allows email or Internet fax delivery using a dial-up, LAN, cable or other existing Internet connection. Such features are only available in the most expensive of fax machines. The eFaxLink features are patent pending.