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eFaxMon software provides inbound fax-to-email routing, as an add-on to existing fax software. Inbound faxes are forwarded to a user-specified email address. The product is also designed to work with the Exfax TSID fax machine registry. If the Transmitting Subscriber Identification (TSID) of the orginating fax machine is resolved within the registry, then the fax is forwarded to the registered subscriber's nominated email addresses.

It is not necessary to have this software installed in order to use the Exfax fax machine-to-email forwarding. To do that, you only need to register your fax machine and direct your fax to one of our servers. If you install this software however, you can route your inbound faxes to email. You are then also able to provide routing for others if you wish, by becoming an Exfax fax forwarding node.

Users of eFaxMon will normaly have a dedicated fax phone line. They are invited to make their line available for use as part of the Exfax fax-forwarding network. There is no practical cost involved receiving additional faxes and in forwarding them as emails. Documents are deleted after forwarding.

This product provides a service for those who have hard-copy documents that need to be sent to recipients with no fax machine. For example, the documents may contain signatures that are required for legal reasons. It is often far easier to stack a document in the old fax machine and press a button than it is to scan multiple pages, retrieve the images, construct an email, and send it. eFaxMon does this automatically.

The software is designed to work with the in-built Windows fax software feature, but can be used in conjuntion with other software. A beta version is available and can be downloaded here.

To see how it works, try registering your TSID with Exfax and sending us a fax.